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For 2021, we're adding Category 5! Covering Christmas/Childrens/Novelty songs.
Any New songs in these genres, call them Cat 5, along with all the necessary info.
Any songs we already have on our Playlist, please email  tsaisongbank@gmail.com the Titles you wish to move.  Please do so before we begin next year's Awards balloting.
We will move the Dance With The Dinosaurs songs.
This will start for 2021 pitches, and be awarded on the 2022 Awards Show.

To stream TSAI events LIVE on           Majiik

Text "TSAI" to 888-255-0077, click "GET", click "Activate Card" and that's it!

Our Event will show up on their schedule, and all of our events will show up under TSAI.

Streaming cost will be $10, unless noted otherwise.