Q: Do I need to live in Tennessee to join TSAI?

A: No! We have members all over the world including Ireland and South Africa


Q: How do I join TSAI?

A: Joining TSAI is easy. Go to the dashboard on the top of the page and click Join/Renew then follow the prompts

Q: How do I submit my songs for pitching?

A: Create a flash drive of up to 20 songs(to start) and send them to TSAI. More info is directly on the home page of our website

Q: How do I know when there is a pitch ?
A: Pitches are announced in the weekly newsletter

Q: How do I find the Weekly Newsletter?

A: You can access the newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter nail on on the Home Page. Members will receive an email link when a new one is up.

Q: Does TSAI own my song when it is submitted, pitched or picked up?

A: NO! TSAI never owns your songs. You and your songwriters are the only ones to own your song