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NEWSLETTER 1-10-22 (click to open)

Updated: Jan 11

1-12-2022 No meeting this week. Please come to TSAI Around Town at 12 Keys

this Thursday for updates. Because of last week's weather, this is

our Kick-off Party for 2022!

Here We Go! We're starting on the 2022 TSAI Songwriter Awards!

If you are a new member, it's all done on our e-mails and website, so watch

your newsletters for instructions. You will need to be a current, paid-up member

by January 15th to participate.

Starting NOW, if you had a "cut" in 2021, please send the mp3, along with the

name of the Artist and writers, to

At least one writer needs to be a current TSAI member, 1 song per member.

A "cut" is a song released and promoted for sale and airplay to any

and all platforms.

We need these by January 15th.

These will be available on a password-protected page on the website

for members to vote on later, the winner will be Awarded "Record Of The Year".

This email address is to be used only as directed, please don't send any

correspondence here. The regular TSAI email,, is

always used for questions, pitch requests, etc.


1/13/2022 12 Keys Saloon, Hermitage 6:00 pm

Kick-off Party!

BIG NEWS! TSAI now has our Stage set up in our office, for all pitch meetings

and small showcases. We are now OPEN from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday thru Friday!

The lobby will be available for songwriting and meeting. Corey Lee Barker or

Richard Trest will be there working.

All our meetings will now be at our office, events will be at Around Town locations.

Check out the Around Town page for schedules. We have some BIG News coming