NEWSLETTER 6-6-22 (click to open)

The 2022 TSAI Songwriter Award winners are now

listed on the Awards '22 page,

and the show is still on our fb page.

Donations gladly accepted!

The winners present will receive

trophies at an Awards presentation at a later date.


TSAI Around Town at the Opry Backstage Grill is back!

Every Tuesday, 6-8 pm

A rotation of hosts will keep it fresh too!

Check the Around Town page for host schedule.

This is another great networking and pitch opportunity!

PLEASE come out to these events!


We must put butts in the seats or we will lose these opportunities.

If you plan on sitting on your couch and having the Industry

come to you, good luck.

You want to write with up-and-coming Artists? HERE THEY ARE!

Cash Creek Club will resume in July, as will

our Jammin' At The Creek shows.

We're back at The Rudder Marina for the Summer!

This month, June 22.

See Around Town page for schedule.

Great news! We are now able to expand into the next room,

so regular Wednesday meetings will resume soon.

Workshops, critiques, and most pitches, as they come up.

Also guitar pulls, showcases, and more!

Most will be on our website or facebook page.

We are open most days now, with our Playlist there for Industry access.

This will also get more pitch options during the day for you.

Songs Pitched and Songs Picked-up pages will be updated for you, too.