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NEWSLETTER 9-19-21 (click to open)

Party this week

Wednesday, 9-22-2021 7 pm Country Fusion

Josie Awards celebration, multiple winners are TSAI members!

Plus many more were nominees! Pizza refreshments, and cake. Play some songs,

have a good time, and let's see those Awards!

TSAI is now doing a Showcase at 6:30, before the Cash Creek Club!

Now at the Nashville Palace, first Wednesday. This is our weekly meeting.

If you're interested in performing, just as Opry Mills Mall was, they're

wanting performing Artists. Members only, please email TSAI if you wish to

perform. 2 Artists per show, (just 2 guitar cords and mic's), 3 songs each.

(sound check will already be done).

Recorded for The Nashville Country Television Network.

Please remember to use the Amazon links on our website when you're on-line

shopping. Going to Amazon from our site helps TSAI!